Garrell Associates, Where Every North Carolina Home is a Work of Art!

The journey of creating someone’s own special “castle” is an intense personal experience at Garrell Associates. To design the perfect plans for your dream home in Charlotte, North Carolina can be an exciting and rewarding experience.  Michael W. Garrell works with each and every client to explore their wants, desires, and unique needs.  The home design ideas evolve into house plans that are stylish and functional for the Charlotte area.

We are committed to quality and function with all of our home plans and floor plans.  Your new North Carolina home will be a sustained source of comfort and pride for you and your family.  As you browse through our house designs and home floor plans, you will realize the grace and comfort that your completed home will achieve living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our house plans began as custom home designs that allow you to create the home of your dreams.  At Garrell Associates, we are proud of the house plans you will explore in our diverse portfolio of home designs and custom floor plans we offer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Components for success with creating your North Carolina dream home:

  • Garrell Associates has created a massive gallery of design styles for Charlotte.
  • Mountain house plans Lake house designs to Luxury European home plans for golf course properties in the Charlotte area.
  • Garrell Associates works with each client and become a trusty protector of their vision in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Coastal house plans will astound you with lighthouse-type styling of the exteriors and rustic, yet open, interior floor plans.
  • We also feature a gallery of Ranch house plans designed for adults with active lifestyles in the Charlotte area.
  • Customer service specialists to discuss your questions during your journey designing an North Carolina dream home.

One of the many benefits you will enjoy as a Garrell Associates home plan owner is the tremendous diversity of styles and features to choose from the custom house plans and unique floor plans with Charlotte in mind.  Start your journey today of making your dream a reality with Garrell Associates house plans for your home in Charlotte, North Carolina.  “We design the home our clients want to build, not the home we want them to build”, says Michael W. Garrell.

Mike Garrell is a name in which for more than twenty-five years has been instilled with a desire to design more than the typical North Carolina house. We offer the opportunity to create a place specifically designed for what you have in mind; a kitchen perfect for entertaining, a bedroom that offers the highest standard in serenity; a house that is your perfect home.  Mike knows that the true reward comes from knowing that thousands of people enjoy an unparalleled quality of life with families living in the homes he has created with their Charlotte lifestyle in mind.