Garrell Associates, Inc. is ready to make your dreams come true!

Creating your perfect house plans for a custom designed home in Raleigh, North Carolina, is exciting and fun with Garrell Associates. The art of making your dream home come to life begins when Michael W. Garrell meets with you and chats about your lifestyle, needs, dreams, and desires.  The true reward for Mike comes from knowing that thousands of people enjoy an unparalleled quality of life with many families living in the North Carolina homes they have created.

We have thousands of North Carolina home plans you can choose from; anything from Rustic Mountain style homes to European Manor homes in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Our home plans and floor plans are the result of our commitment to elegance and function.  Your new home will be a longtime source of pride and comfort for you and your family.   As you browse through our house custom designs and home floor plans, you will feel the warmth and livability that your completed North Carolina home will achieve.

Mike Garrell will create the perfect house plans for you and your family in Raleigh, North Carolina?  At Garrell Associates Inc., we are here to transform your dream home into reality. Garrell Associates Inc., is an architecture company that specializes in developing custom house plans and home designs.  We design house floor plans that best suit your needs with how you define your dream home in North Carolina.

At Garrell Associates, the best designers in the industry are here to cater to your needs and preferences. We assure you that whatever Raleigh home plans you have always created in your mind and dreams, our designers can transform them into a reality.   Set aside your anxiety because we will make sure that you are definitely part of the process in customizing your stylish home or creative house plans that lead to you living in your dream home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

From simple to the most luxurious houses, we can custom design your home.   We can modify an existing home plan to best suit you and your family.   We can also provide you a custom floor plan to meet your lifestyle and needs.   With Garrell Associates Inc., you will never have to hesitate to consult our team of architects and experienced staff when designing unique floor plans or functional home designs for your family in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The firm cares about each client and becomes a faithful steward of their dreams, keeping loyal clients coming back.  Our designers take pride in their designs for Raleigh and make sure that your home plans are accurate and perfect down to every little detail.

Those with custom homes in Raleigh can always find something to do and somewhere to go, best known for family fun, experiencing world-changing moments in history, and discovering internationally acclaimed arts and theater.   If you’re ready to find out more about custom homes in Raleigh area, let Garrell Associates design your dream home in North Carolina.   Building a home is one of the most rewarding and exciting journeys you will take in your life and the road to the home of your dreams in North Carolina starts with Garrell Associates, Inc.